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Hotmail Registration: Create a Hotmail account, Sign Up free – Hotmail is one of the leading email service provider in the world.. To create a Hotmail account is fast and easy. Soon as the hotmail account is created, you can read, send and receive messages from other mailing services like:,, Aol,, etc. is a free, personal email service from Microsoft that helps you to Keep your inbox clutter-free with powerful organizational tools. Now, as a registered user, your email account has been upgraded from Hotmail to as part of a plan to improve email for all Hotmail customers.

As a mater of fact you can now manage all your email account in one place, meaning that once you create new mail account now, go to your settings tab then add other of your email accounts that you already have either from Gmail, Yahoomail, AOL mail,, etc. This will enable you read your inbox messages from one account.

Procedures to sign up hotmail account for free;

Your Hotmail Registration is free all you have to do is follow the steps and links below to open a new sign up page.

  1. Go to the Hotmail homepage;     Or visit
  2. Click the “Sign Up” button at the left of the screen.
  3. Choose whether you would like Windows Live Hotmail or Windows Live Hotmail Plus. The former is free, the latter is not.
  4. Fill out the required application information.
  5. Click the “I Accept” button at the bottom of the screen if you accept the Windows Live Service Agreement and Privacy Statement.


  • When choosing a password for your Hotmail account, make sure you choose something that is easy for you to remember. If you forget, you can always fall back on your security question, but you shouldn’t have to use it constantly.
  • Choose a password that is easy to type.
  • If you have a home computer, you may choose the “remember me on this computer” option, which enables you to only have to type in your password when logging in to Hotmail,com.

Hotmail Login/Sign in

  1. Log on to
  2. on the hotmail gome page click on sign in
  3. enter your email address and your password and click sign in.

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