How to check your Glo number – Check your own Glo Line

Check Glo number – This will help you to learn how to know your Glo number Glo Nigeria ranks first in terms of cheap tariffs all see nd calls among all telecommunications companies in this country. Of course, this company’s network does not work properly in every Nigeria city. But still, you can easily use Glo services in most areas that have a good coverage. Below you will see 3 ways  to check your glo number

3  ways to Check Glo Number

Want to know how to check your Glo number. See How to check my Glo number fast?”

1. To call a four-digit number

 All you have to do is to launch your dialer and call 1244 using the Glo line whose number you want to check. You will receive an activation code from Glo. And a voice will tell you your Glo number. Now you know how to check Glo number. But there is one more way which we have mentioned before. We will use USSD code. Let’s find out how that works.

2. With the help of USSD codes

To see your Glo phone number, just dial *135*8#. Then your phone number will appear on the mobile phone screen. Usually, the number is displayed in the long format as it includes the country’s code. In this case, you need to change 234 to 0. For instance, if the number shown is is 2348077654321, then your Glo number is 08077654321. See? It is very simple!

3. Visiting website

The third way. If you are a Glo customer, you can visit the web site – Your phone number will be seen at the upper right corner.

All of these three ways are very easy. You can check your Glo number without any difficulties. Just follow this guide! As it has already been mentioned,  Hope this article was helpful. For comments or questions on How to check glo number, use the comments section below

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