Moreover, this is not the first time Facebook is facing a backlash for its endless privacy invasion. It has been previously accused of the spread of fake news and profiles. However, sometimes you just want to leave Facebook maybe you just don’t want to be there anymore. That is a good choice which is kind of personal and cool.

So, I have put step you can follow on how to delete a facebook account permanently and as well as how to backup your Facebook details before deletion. (so if you change your mind later you can always get your stuff back.)

How To Backup Your Facebook Data Before Deleting

This is necessary because of the future bears a lot of unforeseen situation that might need you coming back to Facebook after deleting your Facebook account.

  • Logon to your Facebook Account. Go to Settings.
  • At the General Setting Tab, Click on Download a copy of your Facebook data.
    Click Start My Archive.
  • Fill in your Facebook account Password and click Submit.
  • Thereafter, click on Start My Archive.
  • You will get all your data in the email address you used to register on Facebook.

Now you have your data safe. You can now proceed to delete your Facebook account using the guide I put here below.

How to delete Facebook Account Permanently

Below is How to delete a Facebook account, Log into your Facebook account.

  • Go the link for Facebook account deletion,
  • Then click on “Delete My Account” . If you follow this guide on how to delete facebook account completely your account will be totally closed in 90days. All data will be deleted permanently.
  • If after going through this steps of how to delete facebook account completely and you think you will need another option. I think deactivation is better if you just want to be away for just sometimes.

Deactivate your Facebook account Now

  • Logon to your Facebook account.
  • Then go to settings, click on General at the left side. Go to Security and Login.
  • Click on Manage Account on the screen. After that click on “Deactivate your Account”.
  • Doing this you will disable your profile, remove the photo from all you shared on Facebook but your name and messages will still be left there.

If you have questions or comments on  how to delete facebook account Permanently. Use the comments section below.