How To File An Auto Insurance Claim | Car Insurance Claim 2018

Filling an Auto Insurance claim is an art that must be learned in other to recover car insurance money. Knowing what to do when you have an auto insurance claim can enable you to maintain a considerable distance from some headaches, anguish, and formality engaged with handling the procedure.

how to file auto insurance claim

It can likewise enable you get a better value for your insurance dollars. If your auto is involved in an accident, if it damaged by fire, flood or vandalism, stolen, give your insurance chance to work for you by following these steps in filing your claim:

Steps in filling Auto Insurance Claim

  • Phone your insurance agent or a local company representative. Do it at the earliest opportunity regardless of the possibility that you’re a long way from home and regardless of the possibility that another person caused the accept. Request your operator how to continue and what forms or records will be expected to help your claim. Your company may require a “proof of loss” form and additional records identifying with your claim, for example, medical and auto repair bills and a duplicate of the police report.
  • Insurance consumers make their own choice when selecting an auto body repair shop to fix their car. Many states, including Colorado, have laws that bans going to particular repair shops.
  • Make sure you hire an auto body shop that provides guarantees and specific timeline on repairs. Your insurance policy has certain limits and deductibles, so discover settlement sums before you approve repair costs. If you don’t know where to take your vehicle to be fixed, most insurance agencies will give you a list of repair shops that are supported by repair and labor guarantees. Additionally visit: Colorado Auto Body Repair Poll
  • Supply the information your insurer needs. Work hand in hand with your insurance agency in its examination, settlement or defense of any claim, and hand over to the agency quickly duplicates of any legal papers you get regarding your loss. Your insurer will represent you if a claim is brought against you and defend you in the event that you are sued as a result of an accident.
  • Keep records of your expenses. Expenses you get because of a car crash might be repaid under your policy. Keep in mind, for instance, that your no-fault insurer will usually pay your medical and hospital expenses, and potentially such other costs as lost wages and at least a portion of your expenses if you need to contract a transitory maid.
  • Keep copies of your paperwork. Store duplicates of all printed material in your own archive. You may need to refer to it later.
  • Talk things over with your agent or an adjuster if you are dissatisfied with the settlement offer. Check your policy to see what settlement steps it plots.

Things Not To Do After A Crash:

  • Move any injured people.
  • Apologize for the crash.
  • Tell any gathering how much insurance you convey.
  • Accept any cash. When you do, you relinquish your entitlement to file a claim.
  • Agree to forget about the accident. Later on, the other individual may file a claim against you.

file auto insurance claim

Questions You Must Ask your Insurance Agent or Company Representative on Car Insurance Claim:

  • Am I covered for the losses?
  • What is my deductible?
  • How long will it take to process my car claim?
  • Does my policy have a time limit on petitioning a claim?
  • Is there a time limit during which claims must be settled after they are recorded?
  • What are those time limits?

How Car Insurance Claim Is Processed

Most importantly, the insurance agency must affirm that your policy is in effect and that the accident is covered. After that is confirmed, your claim might be allotted to a claim adjuster. The agent will take a look at the damages to your auto, assess the loss and determine the amount you claim under your policy. This figure will be the insurance agency’s estimate of what they will pay to repair your auto—the total claim repayment.

You can regularly save money by going to a mechanic prescribed by your insurance agency or utilizing generic vehicle parts for repairs. In any case, if you feel unsettled with their suggestions, bear in mind that it’s your option to get an estimate from another mechanic. In fact insurance agencies can’t make you go to only one place for repairs; however they can ask that you get more than one estimate to ensure that they don’t pay an inflated repair bill.

filling car insurance claim

 Car Insurance Claim Problems and Questions

  1. What if I’m sued for more than my policy limit?
  2. Your insurance agency will defend you in the event that you are sued, in any case they may suggest strongly that you get an attorney. Why? Keep in mind that your insurance agency is only at risk for its policy. You are responsible for any remaining sum. For instance, if you are sued for $1 million and your policy limit is just $300,000, you are responsible for $700,000.
  3. What if I am a passenger involved in an accident?
  4. Like the driver, gather all important data—names, addresses, permit numbers, policy numbers, and so on. The amount of money you will collect damage relies upon how all other drivers are well insured. As a passenger, you can collect for damages utilizing any of the two ways: 1) under your driver’s medical payment coverage or 2) filing a claim against the at-fault driver’s liability coverage.
  5. Can I accept cash advance to have repair done on my car without forfeiting my right for additional money for repairs?
  6. Yes, unless you consent to an agreement that discharges the insurance agency from paying you extra money.
  7. What if my car is declared a total loss?
  8. If your car is declared a total loss, your insurance agency will pay you for its value by utilizing references, such as, the “blue book” and/or by consulting car dealers. Know that the particular state of your vehicle, including mileage or the tires, impacts how much your vehicle is worth. If you believe you merit more, consult your agent or company
  9. What if I don’t report an accident to my insurance company?
  10. You should report all accidents regardless of the possibility that you don’t end up filing a claim. If you don’t report it, you risk being sued by other people involved in the accident and your insurance agency will be in an unfavorable position to defend you.

 What if I loan my car to a friend who causes the accident, is he or she covered?

  1. Under most situations, somebody utilizing your car with your consent is secured by your insurance. Much of the time, your insurance will regard it similarly as though you were the driver.
  2. Will my rates go up or will I lose my insurance if I get into an accident or get a ticket?
  3. If you are not to blame in the crash, your insurance is generally not impacted. If you are to blame, get a ticket for a genuine violation (i.e. drunk driving) or are engaged with an expensive property damage claim (i.e. collision into a tree), your rates may increase at the time of policy renewal on the grounds that you will be sorted into a higher risk group of people. The same rule applies if you get three traffic tickets within three to five years period.

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If you follow the above instructions in filling your auto insuranc claim you can be sure to succeed.


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