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How To Fund Your VoguePay Account  – Funding your VoguePay account shouldn’t be a big problem. Nevertheless, even if it has been for you, after going through this, you won’t have to see it as a problem again. Voguepay allows you fund your account in two major ways.

We shall be handling them below to ensure you are not left behind. Knowing the two methods to fund your VoguePay account is highly advised so you wouldn’t be stranded when you need it.

VoguePay is one of the top online payment solutions that allow individuals and SMEs to accept online payment in Nigeria even without having a website. You can use Voguepay to make payment or receive payment online.

Online shoppers can also use the money in their VoguePay account to pay for goods and services on sites that accept VoguePay as means of payment. If you want to use it to make payment, then it is important for you to understand How To Fund Your VoguePay Account Easily .

Let’s show you how. Shall we?

Like we pointed out above, Voguepay funding can be done in two major ways: Via Cards and through banks.

How To Fund Vogue Account Using Cards

  • Log into your voguepay account.
  • Then click on “fund account”.
  • Select the payment method you want to use
  • Then, simply provide your card details in order to complete the payment.
  • The amount you will pay including charges will be displayed.
  • The payment gateway you will use to pay will be determined by the country of domiciliation of your account. Note that if your account is enabled for international gateway, you will see multiple payment gateway options here).
  • If successful, your Voguepay account will be credited and you will receive email/sms alert. You can confirm it by logging in to your VoguePay account.

How To Fund Vogue Account Through Bank

  • Log into your account.
  • Select bank funding option
  • Pick one of the “bank options” and select one of the three banks (when you select the bank, the details of the bank will be displayed for you to make payment).
  • You can make bank transfer directly to the designated accounts or proceed to the bank to make payment. Ensure to add extra fifty naira (N50) to the payment for stamp duty. For example, if you want to fund your account with N3,000, it is advised that you pay N3,050.
  • After making payment, fill in the details of the transactions (depositors name and teller details).
  • Also, it is advised to use your Voguepay email as depositor’s name for easy verification.
  • Click on “pay” to update the payment.
  • Right on the same page, you will also see the form you can use to notify VoguePay team of your Bank Deposit/Transfer immediately after the deposit/transfer.

We have given you the two major ways on How To Fund Your VoguePay Account. Please note that VoguePay users can also transfer fund from one user to another.

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