How to open a GTBank domiciliary account in 2018

GTBank Domiciliary account is a type of account that let you to maintain account in foreign currency other than Naira. You can pay into these accounts through cash deposits, traveler’s cheques or foreign currency cheque deposits.

You need a Domiciliary account because there are times when you or your business need to make and receive payments in a foreign currency.

What are the benefit of Domiciliary account

  • It provides the services of an offshore account and still gives you access to your money from any of your bank branches.
  • You can withdraw cash from your account anywhere in the world.
  • You can also transfer money overseas, subject to current CBN rules and regulations on such transactions.
  • It enables you to do business transactions internationally.

Requirement to apply for Gauranty Trust Bank Domiciliary account

  • You need two reference forms from any Bank preferably GTBank
  • A valid copy of a form of ID (original must be shown to your account manager)
  • Two passport photographs
  • A filled in “Know Your Customer” (KYC) form
  • Certification of registration (for business owners)
  • Search report and partnership deed agreement (if any)
  • Valid residence permit for non-Nigerians.
  • A NEPA Bill.

You have the following requirement how much can it cost you to open the account.

It will only cost you #3000 – 5000 to open the account.

How to open a GTBank domiciliary account in 2018

Am confident that you are now fully aware of the all that you need to open a GTBank domiciliary account let now show you how to go about it.

  • First, make sure that you have those requirement and the your money ready.
  • Work into any GTbank branch nearest you and request for a form to open a current account.
  • You will be required to open a Saving account already with the bank if you do not have any with the bank.
  • The both form will be giving to you ( that is Saving account form and Current account form )

NOTE: Domiciliary Account form will not be giving to you, it is already contained in Current account form.

  • Fill the form that is going to you correctly and your referee form ( Remember that i said that your referees should be from any bank but preferably GTBank.
  •  Now while filling the current account form remember to select the the Type of Domiciliary account that you want to open which could be Dollar, Pounds, Euro etc.

Please make sure that your referees filled their correct mobile phone for the purpose of verification.

Now, summit the form to the bank and expect your account within three days but if you do not receive it within one week  go to the bank and lay a complain.

When the account will be sent to you via text you may need to go back to the bank so that they can specify the one that Saving, Current and Domiciliary account for you because it may be a little confusing.

Now, if you have questions on how to open a GTBank domiciliary account in 2018 use of the comment box below

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