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President Muhammad Buhari won the March 28 presidential election defeating the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), which held power for 16 years since Nigeria returned to democracy. Former president, Goodluck Jonathan handed over power to him on May 29.

Before he was elected as president, he made a lot of promises to Nigerians. His party, the All Progressives Congress (APC) promised the people ‘change’. Nigerians who were already tired of the PDP-led administration decided to try this change and it appears some are already regretting their decision.

It’s close to 4 years since Buhari was sworn in as president and Nigerians are yet to feel the change. It’s been one challenge after the other, from painful fuel scarcity, to poor power supply, to a fall in the value of the naira. Nigeria becoming the country with the highest poverty index, to fulani herdsmen attacks to Bokoharam. Below are the key areas the administration has failed.

1. Power supply:

Nigerians have been groaning over epileptic power supply which has crippled many businesses. While campaigning for the presidential election last year, the APC on which ticket Buhari contested, promised to expand electricity generation and distribution to 40,000 MW. Igerians are still waiting for this to become a reality.
6 areas Buhari’s government has failed Nigerians

2. Economic crisis/Naira:

The value of the naira has continued to dwindle. Today, it’s going up and the next day it’s dropping. Now a  dollar equals 360 Naira. During the campaign period, Buhari was reported to have said he would make the naira equal to the dollar but he has since denied making any such promise.
6 areas Buhari’s government has failed Nigerians

3. Budget:

This is not the first time Nigeria is passing a budget but this particular budget has been the most controversial and it is taking too long to get the passed into law. Its four months into the year and the president is yet to assent the controversial 2016 budget which has been declared missing, full of errors and padding, rejected by the National Assembly and other controversies.

4. Fuel scarcity:

There seems to be no end in sight to the lingering fuel scarcity and high cost of petrol. When Nigerians think the scarcity is over, it rears its ugly head once again. You can’t just drive freely into any petrol station and buy fuel, you would have to queue for at least 30 minutes. Some motorists buy fuel for between N150 and N300 per litre as against the N86 per litre fixed by the government.
6 areas Buhari’s government has failed Nigerians

5. Security challenges:


While Buhari focuses on curbing Boko Haram insurgency, he continues to keep mute on the wanton killings by Fulani herdsmen terrorising farming communities across Nigeria. Fulani herdsmen are causing havoc and nothing is being done. He promise that all Nigerian security challenges will be over once he assumes office, But what do we see, insurgency still persist.

6. Unemployment:

Buhari promised the creation of 1 million new jobs annually during 2015 election campaigns. While Nigerians wait for Buhari to fulfill this promise, some who have jobs are being fired on a daily basis as some companies laying off staff due to the harsh economy. People that used to be employed have now joined the teeming population of unemployed persons.

There are many other areas President Buhari has failed Nigeria, lets Join Hands together to vote him out by signing this petition. Share this page so all many Nigerians will Sign this Petition. Nigeria Unite.

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