How to Stream VLC Player to Chromecast

This post will guide you on how to stream vlc player to chromecast. VLC player developers has finally develped Chromecast support and its finally available in version 3.0…at least on Windows. That means now, you can stream video and audio files from VLC media player on your PC to your Chromecast. Great news.

VLC Player might always be the best free way to see the DVDs and media files on your computer and Android phone. However, if you are using it as your default player, then you must be known to the fact that it doesn’t support Chromecast Set Up or Android or computer currently.
But, you need not worry, as now you can use VLC player to watch media files and then cast it to your TV via Google Chrome Cast Setup. It just takes some simple steps to be followed properly and your wish will be fulfilled.

This feature is currently only available in version 3.0 of VLC for Windows, so you’ll need a Windows machine and an up-to-date version of VLC to continue.

You will also need a Chromecast device, or an Android TV device like the NVIDIA SHIELD (because they can accept Chromecast-standard streams, too), or a television that uses Android TV as its software (like one of Sony’s newer TVs). The Windows machine you’re using to stream needs to be on the same local network as your Chromecast device, wired or wireless.

How to stream VLC Player to Chromecast from PC

how to view videos from vlc to chromechast

Now streaming a file from VLC to your Chromecast is very simple and easy and all thanks to Chrome VLC plugin and Cast Extension of Google. But, since the launch of version 42 of Chrome browser, you can’t stream files very easily. Instead you need a cumbrous but fast workaround to complete this job.

Follow these steps to stream vlc player to Chromecast

Buy a Google Chromecast.
Install Google Chrome browser and ass the cast extension of Google to it.
Noe do the Google Chromecast Setup to work with your PC or Mac.
Open the VLC Player and open the media file that you want to stream to your TV.
Open a new tab in Chrome browser using Google cast, select the option of cast screen/window (experimental).
Now your entire computer desktop will be streaming to Chromecast.
Now Click back to VLC Player and knock it into full screen mode and that’s it. You have got your VLC player streaming to your TV set vis Chromecast.

How to stream VLC Player to Chromecast from Android

Currently VLC Player for Android doesn’t come with Chromecast support. It means now you are left with the one of the two options-one is to find an alternate Android video player that streams to Chromecast and the other is follow the long-winded battery draining way because you really want to use VLC Player only. Follow these steps, if the latter option is your choice:

Do the Chromecast App Download and install on your Android device and pair your Chromecast to it.
Open the VLC play begin the file that you want to cast.
Now open the app of Chromecast.
Click on the button of menu and select the option of cast screen / audio.
After that follow the on-screen instructions to cast the screen of your device to your Chromecast.
Now go back to the VLC player and full screen your video and that’s it, you are done now.

Help, Streaming VLC to Chromechast Didn’t Work!

Having problems? This feature may just need some more time in the oven.  If this VLC feature doesn’t work well for you at the moment, try another way to watch local video files on your Chromecast.

Specifically, there’s an easy way to stream your computer’s desktop video to a Chromecast using Google Chrome’s built-in casting tool. To start it, open Chrome to any website, then click the Chromecast icon, or click the Menu button and click “cast.” Hope this post on to stream vlc to chromecast was helpfull?

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