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Have you ever played a video game and you encounter a character so annoying, that you’ve been tempted to quit the game entirely?

Over the years there have been some truly awful video game characters, whether that is due to poor technical design, writing or just bad in terms of the way they affect your enjoyment of the game. Sometimes you encounter a character so bad that it takes you out of the game completely, and for all the good memories you have of that specific game, you will also remember THAT character for ruining your gaming experience.

It’s not just individual NPC characters within a game that can be a source of great annoyance. Sometimes you are forced to play with a ‘companion’, who will more than likely try their best to stop you from playing a game in your usual way.

The worst kind are the ones you have to keep alive, these, of course, are usually the ones who always decide to run head first into danger, causing a great amount of stress and frustration in the process.

I have chosen ten of, what I believe to be, the most annoying video game characters of all time. The only rule I applied was I had to have encountered them for myself, so if you think I’ve missed some bigger ones, it could be because I have not played that specific game. Please be sure to leave your picks in the comments section at the end.

So, let’s do this…

#6: Eric Sparrow – Tony Hawks Underground

Before Aidan Gillen brought Petyr Baelish to life on Game of Thrones , the world’s biggest two-timing backstabber was Eric Sparrow.

Acting as your best friend, Eric would constantly betray you time and time again. When he wasn’t ramming the knife deep into your back, he would constantly get into trouble which left you to deal with the all the ramifications. He stole your tape. Never forget.

#5: Ashley Graham – Resident Evil 4

Speaking of making things hard for people, we present you with Ashley Graham from Resident Evil 4. She was the President’s daughter and had to be rescued by Leon from the Los Iluminados cult, and she earned our ire not because we had to keep her safe from all of the baddies, but because she was pretty useless and often got in our way—or worse, she often got killed.

While games like BioShock Infinite and The Last of Us offered amazing and helpful sidekicks like Elizabeth and Ellie, Resident Evil 4’s Ashley was most useful hiding in a dumpster while letting us do our thing.

While we don’t outright hate her, we just have too many memories of her impeding our progress. If only she knew jiu-jitsu or something, we would have liked her more.

#4: Larry – The Walking Dead: Season One

When playing any of The Walking Dead games I try to really immerse myself in the game and with its characters. I try to play it as realistically as possible, I make the choices that I feel I would make if I was in that situation. I try to empathise and understand even the most testing or nauseating of characters.

Then Larry came along. What a d*#@!!

With such a vial and annoying character, I found myself taking great pride in every misfortune that fell his way. And when that salt block crushed his skull into mush, the smile on my face put The Jokers to shame.

#3: Tingle –The Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask

This middle-aged midget is obsessed with fairies. He also likes to wear green skin-tight clothes while he dances around the forest and rides red balloons. He may seem like an innocently strange character at first, but he soon gets under your skin as he ends every conversation with the magic words: “Kooloo-Limpah.” And there’s no avoiding him, as he sells you your Maps! Tingle somehow even managed to garner his own spin-off

#2: Natalya Simonova – Goldeneye 007

Man alive.

Take Ashley Graham and crank her up to one hundred.

Keeping Natalya alive became a massive chore, and my 10-year-old self would rage quit many a time as she would die repeatedly, either by enemy fire, or running in to my line of sight and she would meet her end by my bullet.

#1: Vanille – Final Fantasy XVIII

Don’t let her good looks fool you. This chick is mental

Beyond naïve, this hottie is perhaps gaming’s biggest bimbo. Even worse, she’s not even a minor character, she actually joins your party! Not to mention, she is equipped with one of the most irritating voices ever recorded. What kind of person ends every sentence with giggles and awkward pauses?


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