Top 10 Richest Musicians of China – Rich Musicians List

See the list of the richest musicians in china, this are the big names dominating the Chinese music seen. This guys have millions of yuan’s in their name. They have sold millions of songs and also have lots of endorsements.

10. Xue Zhiqian, 80 Million Yuan

joker xue china richest musicians

He Released his debut album, Jacky Xue, in 2006. His single, Serious Snow was a hit. Xue also published his. He did so by establishing his own businesses, which includes a hotpot restaurant and 2 apparel brands called UUJULY and Dangerous People (Dangerous People Taobao Page).

His hard work paid off when his hotpot restaurant received well responses and has now expanded to have 5 branches in Shanghai By building up his businesses, he was able to use the profits to completely devote to music. In 2013, he produced his 6th album, An Unexpected Journey.

In 2015, Xue signed a contract with Ocean Butterflies International and released a 3-song concept EP, Gentleman, which was met with universal acclaim (8.4/10 on Douban, which is considered a very good achievement). All the above has made him a millionaire, today he is one of the richest musicians in china.

9. Faye Wong, 90 million yuan

faye wong china richest musicians

She is the first on the list and one of the two women make the rich list.  In 2000 she was recognised by Guinness World Records as the Best Selling Canto-Pop Female. Following her second marriage in 2005 she withdrew from the limelight, but returned to the stage in 2010 amidst immense interest. The collaboration by the “Mainland Diva” and “Hong Kong Diva”, titled “Let’s Meet in 1998”, became an instant hit and arguably the most played song in Mainland China that year.

It was released in October, and contained four songs composed by Faye: the opening track “Emotional Life”, “Face”, “A Little Clever” and “Tong” (both written for her daughter, the latter produced by Dou Wei). Amongst other songs were “Give Up Halfway” (sung both in Mandarin and Cantonese), which was one of the more commercially successful tracks from the album, along with the successful ballad “Red Bean”

It was the best selling Chinese album in Singapore in 1999. Together with Lovers & Strangers and the compilation album Wishing We Last Forever, it gave Faye Wong 3 albums in the Singapore top 10 selling Chinese albums of 1999 her one of the best selling artists in Singapore in 1999.

In Japan, the album sold close to 90,000 copies in the first three months after its release. Her Music career has garnered her millions of yuan.

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8. Huang Zitao, 90 Million Yuan

huang zitao richest chinese musicians
This rich dude is on the list, He made his solo debut in China 2015 with the mini-album T.A.O, under the new stage name Z.Tao.  Huang’s first album The Road was announced in March 2016. It was recorded partly in Los Angeles in collaboration with Nick Lentz.
The lead single “The Road” was released on April 22. On May 1, Huang started a concert tour for the album in Nanjing and released a music video for the single “Hello, Hello”, featuring Wiz Khalifa. Yet another single, “Adore” was released same month and sold over 30,000 copies, receiving the platinum certification in china.
The Road was released on August 22 was sold with 8888 pieces limited edition. After one minute of pre-sale opening, the sale profit reached 500k rmb; and the album reached number one on the sale charts.a At the end of 2016, Huang won the Most Influential Male Singer award at the Tencent Star Awards
In April 2017, Huang was named  Ambassador for the 17th Top Chinese Music Awards, where he also won the “All-Round Artist” award. He embarked on his first Asia Tour, Promise which kick-start in Beijing on April 30; and also released a single of the same name.

7. Chris Lee, 95 Million Yuan

chris lee china richest musicians

One of the two women in the list. She debuted her singing career by winning the champion at the Chinese singing contest Super Girl in 2005.The next year she released her debut album The Queen and the Dreams. Referred to as the mother of the unisex look in China, she has achieved success in China and it made her one of the richest musicians in china.

She is he ambassador for Gucci Timepieces and Jewelry in Asia in Jun 2016. In the same year, Li released her seventh studio album, Growing Wild. Li broke with tradition by separating the new album into four EPs. She invited producers she had never worked with before, like Hsia Yu, Wyman Wong and Chen Weilun.

The first EP, Wild, sold 3 million copies in 16 days after it was released in May of last year. The three other EPs were then released within six months, with total sales of more than 6.5 million copies, grossing over 32.8 million yuan ($4.73 million) in 2016.

According to Andy Wai Lam Ng, the vice-president of Tencent Music Entertainment Group, Growing Wild achieved China’s highest digital music sales since the company released the first Chinese digital album in December 2014.

Li Yuchun became the most popular singer in 2016 on Toutiao, China’s major news and information app for mobile devices,which daily attracts about 1.27 billion clicks on Videos, and 230 million of them are relevant to entertainment.

6. TFBOYS, 100 Million Yuan

tfboys richest musicians in china

This kids made the top ten list. The Fighting Boys, is on the list of the richest musicians the band which consists of three members: Wang Junkai, Roy Wang (Wang Yuan), and Jackson Yee. TFBOYS is considered as one of the most popular Chinese boy band and is regarded as a pop cultural sensation in China. TFBOYS first appearance on August 6, 2013 with a promotional video called “Ten Years” Their first single albumStart to Lovewas subsequently released on October 18,2013.

The group subsequently released a series of hits in 2014, including “Magic Castle”, “For Dreams, Always Be Ready” and “Manual of Youth”, “Manual of Youth” went on chart at number 1 on V Charts for 5 consecutive weeks and has won multiple music awards.

In 2015, the group released their first EP The Big Dreamer. In 2016, the group starred in their own web drama Finding Soul

In 2017, the group starred in their own drama Boy Hood, an inspirational youth drama which focuses on baseball.The same year, the group announced that the members will set up their own personal studios to focus on their own individual activities. All this has fetched the group a fortune for themselves.

5. William Chan Wai-ting, 120 Million Yuan

william chan richest musicians in china
He came to the lime light In 2003 when he participated in New Talent Singing Awards and won several awards. He was then signed under Emperor Entertainment Group. He began his singing career by joining Cantopop group Sun Boy’z in 2006 and left the group in 2008 to pursue a solo career, releasing his debut solo album in the same year. Since then, he has released a total of 7 albums and 6 singles.

In 2015, William released his first titled Waiting. This is also his first Mandarin album. Waiting was a commercial success and achieved platinum certification in sales.The same year in November, he released his self-composed single “1121”

In 2016, William released the single “Plan W”, which topped local music charts and reached ten million downloads in 12 hours. On August 27, 2016, William embarked on his first solo tour Inside Me which kick-started in Beijing  It was subsequently held in the cities Shanghai, Nanjing, Chongqing and Guangzhou.

4. Zhang Yixing ( Lay ), 120 Million Yuan

zhang yixing richest musicians in china

He gained fame in 2005 when he participated in the Chinese TV talent show Star Academy in 2005.On October 28, 2016, Lay released his first mini album Lose Control in South Korea and China.

The EP was a commercial success peaking at number 1 on the Gaon Album Chart as well as number 4 on Billboard’s US World Albums char and made him the first Chinese artist to enter the iTunes Top 60 Kantar Millward Brown and China’s business magazine CBN Weekly recently launched the CelebrityZ Top 100 Most Valuable Celebrities where he came in at the 23rd spot. He is raking in a lot of money from his career.

3. Jing Boran, 130 Million Yuan

jing-boran richest musicians in china
He became famouse after winning the champion at the 2007 talent contest My Hero. Along with the third place winner Fu Xinbo, he formed a boy band called BoBo. Since 2008, Jing has appeared on a series of films and televisions. He is known for his leading roles in Chinese box office hits Monster Hunt (2015) and Time Raiders (2016).

In February 2017, Jing released the Chinese version of the song “Beauty and the Beast” with Taiwanese singer Hebe Tien In December 2017 this sent a lot of waves accross china and taiwan. He has a range of endorsements which has generated him a lot of cash

2. Wu Kris Yifan, 150 Million Yuan

kris wu richest musicians in china

This cool dude second in the top ten list. In 2016, he became the first endorser for Mixxtail. Mercedez-Benz chose Wu as their brand ambassador in China for their Smart division and introduced the limited edition “Kris Wu Edition” smart.

Wu has also been made the global ambassador for I.T Cashback Card under American Express Hong Kong. The brand made him chief design advisor and the face of their latest in-house brand, Under Garden.

He designed the lookbook for the latest collection. Burberry chose Wu as their global ambassador in 2016, making him the first non-British as well as the first Asian person to be the face of the brand. It was reported that Burberry experienced a growth in sales and awareness with Chinese shoppers thanks to Kris’ campaign. Wu made his international debut as the brand ambassador of BVLGARI at 2017 Baselworld.

1. Jay Chou, 260 Million Yuan

jay chou richest musicians in china

He is number one of the Richest Musicians in China. Chou released his debut album, titled Jay (2000), under the record company Alfa Music. Since then his music has gained recognition throughout Asia, most notably in regions such as Taiwan, China, Hong Kong, Singapore, Southeast Asia, Korea, Japan and in the Asian communities of Western countries such as the United States and Australia.

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He has sold more than 30 million albums and has received numerous awards for his musical works. Chou has also written songs for other artists whilst working on his albums. In 2003, he was the cover story of Time magazine (Asia version), titled New King of Asian Pop, acknowledging his influence on popular culture. He has since held six world tours, performing in cities around the world to more than 10 million people. He is among the most sensational artist in china. He has lots of endorsement to his name helping him rake millions of yuan.



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