Xfinity Router Login -Xfinity Comcast Router Login Guide

Xfinity Comcast Router Login Guide

In case you are client/customer of Xfinity Internet Service and you need do Xfinity Router Login possibly in light of the fact that you need to change your password or set up port sending for a project you are working on. If that is the situation then their are steps that you need to follow in other to effectively get to Xfinity Comcast Login Router. SEE: Xfinity Router Login -Xfinity Comcast Router Login Guide


Follow the steps below to gain access to your Xfinity Comcast Router.

Stage 1:

Ensure that your PC is connected with your router through Ethernet link or cable.

Stage 2:

If you have set up the WIFI connection, open up a new web browser. It can be Google chrome, internet explorer or.

Stage 3:

Input your IP address in the web browser. Remember your IP address differs by routers. So, check your router backside for the right IP address of your router.

Stage 5:
The router login page will open.

Stage 6:

Enter your Xfinity Username and Password.

Stage 7:

If you are first time user, enter the default username and password. ( The default username is an admin and the default password is password)

Stage 8:

Click on Login to connect Xfinity Comcast Router.

Stage 9:

After Xfinity Router Login if you wish to change your password click on change password to do that.

Xfinity Comcast Router Login Difficulties

If you are having difficulties logging or connecting to Xfinity Comcast Router, simply follow these steps to resolve that.

  • Where the difficulties is Router login failed, You might be entering wrong username or password. So make sure  you haven’t forgotten your log in details. Also, make sure you are entering the correct login address. For instance it is and not or 10.0 0.0 1
  • Where the difficulties has to do with Forgot Login Password, Try resetting your router login. Press and hold the small black color button at the back of  your router for 10 seconds to restore your Router to factory settings.
  • Where the difficulties has to do with Router Login Page not Loading, make sure the device you are using is connected to the WIFI. You shall also need to check if the wrong Comcast router IP address is not set as the default one. It shall be best to find it via Command prompt.



How to reset Xfinity Router Login password

Where you couldn’t  sign into your account do to wrong password or username, Kindly  follow these steps to reset your Xfinity Router Login Password.

  • Simply reset your router and use the default admin password to login to
  • To rest your router, press the reset button for about ten seconds.
  • Then, your router will reset, and you can get a login to your router.


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